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Coca Cola 10 Pack of Style Mini Collection (OPI Nail Polish)

Coca Cola 10 Pack of Style Mini Collection (OPI Nail Polish)

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OPI Coca Cola Mini Collection is a sensational mini collection of shades from the limited edition Coca Cola Collection.

Exclusive for Summer 2014, OPI have teamed up with Coca Cola to create a refreshingly stylish collection of nail colours inspired by the iconic range of soft drinks. From the perfect Coca Cola Red and inevitably fashionable Diet Coke Silver to a Sprite inspired duo chrome green and a pop of Fanta Orange neon, Coca Cola Mini Collection has all the shades needed to complete your nail wardrobe for any occasion.

OPI and Coca Cola are all about happiness and bringing that happiness to women all over the world; a bottle of OPI nail colour and a bottle of Coca Cola or one of its sister brands can brighten even the gloomiest day, regardless of the shade or flavour.

Did You Know? OPI Coca Cola nail lacquers feature OPIÉs exclusive ProWideÙ Brush for the ultimate in flawless application and are free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.

Collection Contains:

Coca Cola Red 3.75ml - A classic red crŠme which is always in style and always perfect. Coca Cola Red is an iconic polish which is the epitome of the Coca Cola brand.

You're So Vain Illa 3.75ml - A delicious creamy nude which is inspired by a delectable can of Coca Cola Vanilla.

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today 3.75ml Í A creamy pastel pink polish which is inspired by a can of Coca Cola Vanilla.

Get Cherried Away 3.75ml - A sensational black cherry crŠme loaded with undertones of magenta and a glossy finish which is inspired by the iconic Cherry Coke.

Turn On The Haute Light 3.75ml - A shimmering silver polish which is the epitome of a refreshing can of Diet Coke and the height of fashion and style.

Today I Accomplished Zero 3.75ml - A luxurious black polish loaded with red glitter which is reminiscent of the effervescent bubbles of a bottle of Coca Cola Zero.

Green On The Runway 3.75ml - A unique lime green duo chrome polish which is inspired by a can of Sprite.

A Grape Affair 3.75ml Í A vampish deep purple crŠme inspired by Fanta Grape.

Orange You Stylish 3.75ml - A juicy neon orange crŠme which is inspired by the citrusy taste of Fanta Orange.

OPI Top Coat 3.75ml - A high-performance clear nail lacquer which prevents chipping and delivers a high gloss shine. With a high-performance formula and long lasting results, OPI Top Coat is a BeautyBay manicure essential. A hugely popular OPI line, this luxurious top coat prevents smudges and dries to a high-gloss, non-yellowing, protective shine.

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